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Allergy drops: The easiest way to treat your allergies

Convenient. Affordable. Effective.

Clinical studies have proven allergy drops to be an effective alternative to allergy shots. Allergy drops are taken home and administered under the tongue by the patient, allowing them to only have to make clinical visits 1-2 times per year after the initial test.

Discover the benefits of allergy drops

Patients can take allergy drops - or sublingual immunotherapy - at home, without the pain of injections or the need to take time off for an office visit.

Tired of nothing actually fixing your allergies?

Allergy drops give you years of relief form your specific allergies! No more stocking up on antihistamines every time your worst allergy season comes around.

Why allergy drops?

Allergy drops (including under-the-tongue applications) have been used for more than 100 years. In the last 30 years, research has shown that sublingual immunotherapy is safe and effective.

In a 2009 study, more than 2,300 patients who received sublingual immunotherapy experienced significant symptom relief and needed less medication for allergies and asthma.

Allergy drops are endorsed by the World Health Organization and the Allergic Rhinitis and Its Impact on Asthma guideline. For long-term relief, treatment generally takes 3-5 years.

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