Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about We've got answers. Learn more about the process, allergy drops, and the allergy test here.

How does the allergy testing work?

Now, with the addition of Everlywell’s Indoor & Outdoor Allergy Test to, allergy testing, allergy testing has never been easier! Simply order your Everlywell Indoor & Outdoor Allergy Test on our website to start. After you mail your test back in and the results are processed, we’ll reach out to set up a telemedicine appointment to review your results and start compounding customized allergy drops just for you.

How much does it cost?

We know navigating health insurance rates and self-pay rates can be a headache. That's why we offer transparent pricing for each stage of the journey: testing, telemedicine consult, and drops. The price of the test is $199+tax, and it includes a telemedicine consult. The price for allergy drops varies depending on which pricing plan you choose.

With the annual cost of allergy pills, sprays, and decongestants typically running around $400/year for the rest of your life (click here to see how much they're costing you), fixing your allergies will have you feeling great while saving you potentially thousands of dollars. Your allergies are costing you more than money; studies consistently show lost productivity at school and work, increased likelihood of sinus infections and asthma, and an overall reduced quality of life. Let's save you some money while we transform you with allergy freedom!

Do you take insurance?

All testing and allergy drops are currently self-pay services that are not covered by insurance, however you may absolutely use your HSA or FSA plans.

Do you accept FSA/HSA for payment?

Yes! Absolutely, you can use your HSA and FSA accounts to pay for your test, your telemedicine visits, and your customized allergy drops.

How soon will I get results?

After you send in the test kit, the results will be received in about 5 business days. An representative will contact you to go over your results and set up a treatment plan.

Why am I being contacted by Aspire Allergy & Sinus? is powered by our parent company, Aspire Allergy & Sinus. All communications will come through Aspire, and they will contact you to schedule your telemedicine consult and collect your information for your allergy drops prescription if you're determined to be a candidate.

How do allergy drops work?

Allergy drops, also known as sublingual immunotherapy, or SLIT, introduces low doses of the specific allergens that you are allergic to under the tongue where they’re absorbed by the body. Over time, the body will build up a tolerance to these allergens, lessening or completely eliminating the allergic reaction. The recommended course of treatment is 5 years for you to gain long term symptom relief.

Are allergy drops just as effective as shots?

Yes! In a head-to-head study, both drops and shots were similarly effective. They’ve been endorsed by the World Health Organization, and many studies show that they are effective at reducing allergy symptoms, asthma symptoms, and the development of new allergies.

Are allergy drops safe?

Yes. Allergy drops are extremely safe. Recent studies show that the risk of severe reactions with drops is approximately 1 per 100,000,000.

What are the benefits of taking allergy drops?

Safe & Effective:
Allergy drops are clinically effective as proven in multiple, worldwide studies.

Allergy drops cost less than it would cost to take a daily over-the-counter allergy medication or nasal spray.

Allergy drops can be taken at home or on the go. No more taking time off work to get an allergy shot!

Allergy drops are painless and easy to take.

After I'm tested, when do I get my allergy drops?

Once you choose to move forward with treatment, one of our treatment coordinators will set you up with one of three payment plan options. Then our on-site compounding lab will make your specially formulated 90 day supply of drops and ship it directly to your home. Please note that it can take between 2-3 weeks for this process to be completed and for the drops to arrive at your home. From then on we will mail you a new supply of drops every 90 days.

Are allergy drops included in the price of the test?

No. After our allergy specialists review your test results, they will let you know if you’re a good candidate for allergy drops. The allergy drops will need to be paid for separately.

Do allergy drops treat food allergies?

Allergy drops offered by do not treat food allergies.

What’s the difference between taking allergy drops and over the counter antihistamines or nasal sprays?

Allergy drops are immunotherapy, the medical treatment that doctors use to reduce your sensitivity to allergies. Each patient receives drops that are specific to their allergies. The strength of the drops is gradually increased for the first year (build-up phase). After the immune system has “learned” from the first 6 to 12 months of therapy, you should see a reduction of the inflammation generated by the over-reactive immune system. After five years, most people find that they can enjoy continued allergy reduction without needing any further drop therapy. When taken as prescribed, allergy drops are a way to eliminate or significantly reduce the allergic reaction altogether, whereas over the counter medications only treat the symptoms, not the cause. Additionally, over the counter medications and antihistamines only work when you take them and are not a long-term way to treat allergies for good.

How do I take the Everlywell Indoor & Outdoor Allergy Test?

The blood collection process is easier than you may think! Check out this video & step-by-step instructions to view how the test is taken.

Do I need to stop taking certain medications before taking the Everlywell Indoor & Outdoor Allergy Test?

No, you will not need to stop taking any medications. There are no medication or supplement restrictions before collecting your blood sample.

Can children take the Everlywell Indoor & Outdoor Allergy Test?

No, the test can only be taken by people 18 years or older. You may read more about this here.

What comes in the Everlywell Indoor & Outdoor Allergy Test kit?

Each test kit includes:
Alcohol prep wipe
Finger lancet
Gauze pad
Lab authorization form
Blood drop collection card
Prepaid envelope
Test instructions

Is there chance of having an allergic reaction when I take the Everlywell Indoor & Outdoor Allergy Test?

Absolutely not! This is a blood test only, meaning you use the lancet to provide a blood sample on the collection card, and once sent back the results are analyzed. There is no chance of an allergic reaction when taking the Everlywell Indoor & Outdoor Allergy Test.

Which allergens are included in the Everlywell Indoor & Outdoor Allergy Test?

Bermuda Grass
Rye Grass
Sweet Vernal Grass
Orchard Grass
Timothy Grass
Kentucky Bluegrass
Johnson Grass

Common Ragweed
English Plantain
Russian Thistle
Rough Pigweed

Mold (Penicillium notatum)
Mold (Cladosporium herbarum)
Mold (Aspergillus fumigatus)
Mold (Alternaria alternata)

Dog Dander
Cat Dander

German Cockroach
Mouse Urine Proteins

Dust mite (Dermatophagoides farinae)
Dust mite (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus)

Box Elder
Birch Tree
Beech Tree
Oak Tree
Elm Tree
Olive Tree
Walnut Tree
Plane Tree
Poplar Tree
Acacia Tree
Mulberry Tree
Willow Tree
White Pine
White Ash